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  Wednesday, October 21, 2015    Yves Trudeau

When someone decides to write a web application that will use MySQL, the data will very likely be stored inside InnoDB tables since InnoDB is by far, the most popular storage engine for MySQL. Like all storage engines, InnoDB has some characteristics that are inherited from its architecture and because of that, a perfectly sane schema may end up under performing. This talk will show you how to take advantage of InnoDB in order to build scalable web applications. An example fictive new file sharing application will be used to illustrate the purpose.

About the Author

Yves Trudeau

Yves is a Principal Consultant at Percona, specializing in MySQL High-Availability and scaling solutions. Prior to joining Percona in 2009, he worked as a senior consultant for MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems, assisting customers across North America with NDB Cluster and Heartbeat/DRBD technologies. Yves holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics from Université de Sherbrooke. He lives in Québec, Canada with his wife and three daughters.