Aug 28, 2020

MongoDB Backups Overview

Akira Kurogane present a quick-quick comparison of the different backup solutions that can be used with MongoDB

MongoDBBackup and Recovery

Aug 28, 2020

Enterprise Authentication for Percona Server for MongoDB - LDAP and Kerberos

In this presentation, Sandra Romanchenko will discuss the necessity, benefits and possible ways of configuring external authentication/authorization in Percona Server for MongoDB. Live demo will provide the required steps for each setup ensuring that you can easily start using this feature in your own environment.

- Importance of securing database and access restriction
- Benefits of centralized access control...

MongoDBSecurityPercona Open Source Software

Aug 28, 2020

Why Pay for MongoDB Enterprise When Open Source Has You Covered?

Barrett Chambers present "Why Pay for MongoDB Enterprise When Open Source Has You Covered?"

Many organization require Enterprise subscriptions for the coverage and features that it provide. However, many are unaware that there is an open source alternative offering all the features and benefits of a MongoDB Enterprise subscription without the licensing fees. In this talk, we will cover features that make Percona Server for MongoDB...

Open Source DatabaseMongoDB

Aug 28, 2020

Moving MongoDB to the Cloud: Strategies and points to consider

Vinicius Grippa present "Moving MongoDB to the Cloud: Strategies and points to consider"

There are many potential benefits moving to the cloud such as increasing resources on the fly, multi-region infrastructure, and hardware maintenance to mention only a few. On the other hand, there are critical points such as security (the latest was MEOW attack), vendor lock-in, performance issues such as latency and downtime is still a...


Aug 21, 2020

MongoDB Encryption at Rest

Join Stephen Thorn and Michał Nosek, Percona Technical Experts, as they discuss MongoDB Encryption at Rest.

This hands-on workshop will walk through the process of setting up data-at-rest encryption in Percona Server for MongoDB (PSMDB). Data-at-rest encryption is one of the methods used to secure database deployments from unauthorized data access. It’s also commonly required for enterprise-grade database deployments due to...


Jul 9, 2020

Securing MongoDB

MongoDB, like mostly any other commercial database you might care to name, has these five security subsystems: Authentication, Authorization, Network Encryption, Data-at-rest Encryption, and Auditing.
In this webinar you'll first learn which threat each of the subsystems address.
Secondly which parts probably differ by convention to other databases you know.
Lastly some practical "where" and "how" on enabling them, as well as...


Jun 25, 2020

Converting MongoDB to Percona Server for MongoDB

We invite you to join members of the Percona Solution Engineering Team as they walk through the task of migrating a MongoDB database to Percona Server for MongoDB (PSMDB).

By the end of this hands-on workshop you should feel comfortable with:

  • Uninstalling MongoDB
  • Installing Percona Server for MongoDB
  • Converting a stand-alone MongoDB server to Percona Server for MongoDB
  • Adding a Percona Server...

MongoDBPercona Open Source SoftwareMigration

May 26, 2020

MongoDB 4.4 preview - Akira Kurogane - Percona Live Online 2020

MongoDB 4.4 is coming out this summer. We'll preview the changes coming up in the core MongoDB server. If we consider the last 6 major releases it's been quite a hectic ride: Pluggable storage engine API, WiredTiger, client-tunable consistency guarantees, transactions, distributed transactions.

Percona Live SessionsMongoDB

May 26, 2020

Scaling financial audit logs at TransferWise with MongoDB - Pedro Albuquerque - Percona Live 2020

TransferWise is a global technology company that is building the best way to move money around the world and 6M users are transferring more than $5 billion every month with us. All transfers within TransferWise are processed by strict state machine rules handled by "Transfer Service". The state machine has a lot of different states like "New", "Money Received", "Converted", "Transferred", and the Transfer object itself contains the most...

Percona Live SessionsMongoDBOperations

May 25, 2020

Migrate from MongoDB Replica-Set to a Sharded Cluster - Antonios Giannopoulos & Jason Terpko - Percona Live Online 2020

When deploying a MongoDB instance, there is a couple of important decision that has to be made. An important one is a decision whether the instance is going to be a Replica-set or a Sharded Cluster. It’s not uncommon to start with a Replica-set, as its easier to deploy and simpler to operate. For some workload, the Replica-set instance may not be the best option, mainly performance-wise, and the migration to a sharded cluster is the only...

Percona Live SessionsMongoDBMigration