Nov 3, 2020

Security and Traceability on Distributed Database Systems - Julien Riou - Percona Live ONLINE 2020

Managing a single PostgreSQL instance can be challenging when failures happen. Replicas can be added and promoted when needed. However, application traffic has to be redirected to the new primary. At OVHcloud, a major cloud computing provider in Europe, we use load balancers in front of our databases clusters on production. In that case, PostgreSQL sees then all client connections coming from those IP addresses. That means we couldn't...


Nov 3, 2020

SELinux Fun With MySQL and Friends - Matthias Crauwels - Percona Live ONLINE 2020

SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux) provides an enhanced security mechanism for more advanced access control and auditing. It allows your application software and your system users to only access the resources it's been preconfigured to allow. Of course, when you want to move your data- or log files to a non-standard location these policies will stop your database from starting.

The easy way out is obviously to set SELinux to...


Nov 3, 2020

Achieving PCI Compliance With Percona Server for MongoDB, or Getting as Close as Possible

In this talk Travis Frutas and Brian Walters will discuss the process and technical details of PCI compliance, and how these are implemented with PerconaServer for MongoDB.

Regulatory compliance is high on the list of concerns for companies across multiple industry vertices, for many good reasons. We’ll discuss what compliance means, where responsibilities lie for providing a compliant environment and then provide a practical...


Aug 28, 2020

Enterprise Authentication for Percona Server for MongoDB - LDAP and Kerberos

In this presentation, Sandra Romanchenko will discuss the necessity, benefits and possible ways of configuring external authentication/authorization in Percona Server for MongoDB. Live demo will provide the required steps for each setup ensuring that you can easily start using this feature in your own environment.

- Importance of securing database and access restriction
- Benefits of centralized access control...

MongoDBSecurityPercona Open Source Software

Aug 21, 2020

MongoDB Encryption at Rest

Join Stephen Thorn and Michał Nosek, Percona Technical Experts, as they discuss MongoDB Encryption at Rest.

This hands-on workshop will walk through the process of setting up data-at-rest encryption in Percona Server for MongoDB (PSMDB). Data-at-rest encryption is one of the methods used to secure database deployments from unauthorized data access. It’s also commonly required for enterprise-grade database deployments due to...


Jul 16, 2020

How Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) Improves Database Security

Data breaches seem to be a daily occurrence, so much so that seeing an article about the latest company to fall victim draws little attention outside of those immediately impacted. That is of course unless that company is yours and data security is your responsibility! While companies continue to invest heavily in fortifying networks with firewalls and event monitors, spend heavily on user education, and add layer after layer of...

SecurityPercona Monitoring and Management

Jul 9, 2020

Securing MongoDB

MongoDB, like mostly any other commercial database you might care to name, has these five security subsystems: Authentication, Authorization, Network Encryption, Data-at-rest Encryption, and Auditing.
In this webinar you'll first learn which threat each of the subsystems address.
Secondly which parts probably differ by convention to other databases you know.
Lastly some practical "where" and "how" on enabling them, as well as...


May 26, 2020

Enhancing MySQL Security at LinkedIn- Karthik Appigatla - Percona Live Online 2020

In this talk, we will discuss how security is enhanced for MySQL at LinkedIn. The following areas will be covered:

1- A brief overview of MySQL at LinkedIn
2- MySQL Access Management- Privileged User Access Control- Fine-grained Access Control- Access to application owners
3- SSL- Applications to Databases- Replication
4- Audit Framework- Audit Plugin- Syslog to Kafka- Query Analyzer
5- How applications get...

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Jun 26, 2019

MongoDB Data Security - Custom Rules and Views

Please watch Percona’s Senior Support Engineer Adamo Tonete as he presents “MongoDB Data Security - Custom Rules and Views”

In this presentation, we will discuss how to create custom rules when the default rules are not enough for the application.

Have you ever needed to give a more permissive rule to a user just because this user wanted to run a specific command?

Also, we will discuss how to use view for hiding...

MongoDBPercona MySQL WebinarsSecurity

Jun 18, 2019

At Rest Encryption with MySQL and Vault

Tate McDaniel (Percona), Charles Thompson (Empowered Benefits) deliver the talk, "At Rest Encryption with MySQL and Vault", on DAY 2 of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019, 5/30, at Austin, TX.

A discussion of different types of encryption as it relates to MySQL and the community, followed by a deep dive into key management with Hashicorp's Vault software and MySQL.

Real world examples, problems, and "...

Percona Live SessionsMySQLSecurity