May 26, 2020

OpenSource cost-efficiency in action: analyzing 500B rows - Alexander Zaitsev - Percona Live Online

OpenSource cost-efficiency in action: analyzing 500B rows on a single ClickHouse server

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May 26, 2020

Declarative Caching with Postgres and Redis - Kyle Davis - Percona Live Online 2020

The concept of caching is not complicated: store the results of a query for a short period of time in a fast storage engine so you touch the slow and/or expensive database less. This simple concept often hides application-level complexity as not all queries should be cached. Deciding what to cache and what not to cache depends on many factors:
Will there be a performance benefit? Already short running queries may have negligible...

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May 25, 2020

Strategies Used at Box to Protect MySQL at Scale - Priyanka Reddy - Percona Live Online 2020

At Box, the majority of our application data resides in a horizontally sharded MySQL infrastructure, made up of 100s of shards and 1000s of servers. We've built a distributed relational data service whose goal is to provide developers with a uniform, language-agnostic...

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May 25, 2020

Orchestrating Cassandra with Kubernetes Operator and Yelp PaaSTA - Percona Live Online 2020

At Yelp, Cassandra, our NoSQL database of choice, has been deployed on AWS compute (EC2) and AutoScaling Groups (ASG), backed by Block Storage (EBS). This deployment model has been quite robust over the years while presenting its own set of challenges. To make our Cassandra deployment more resilient and reduce the engineering toil associated with our constantly growing infrastructure, we are abstracting Cassandra deployments further...

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May 25, 2020

Profiling MySQL and MariaDB Hash Join Implementations- Jim Tommaney - Percona Live Online 2020

Hash Joins are a foundational join technology, now available in MySQL!

  • No index maintenance overhead.Can be orders of magnitude faster.Available for ad-hoc workloads and ETL.
  • Great complement to index join operations.

However, the underlying implementation is fundamentally different and introduces additional tweaks to optimize performance.
This presentation will give you the tools to learn when to...

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May 22, 2020

Trends that are disrupting and breaking your DB infrastructure - Matt Yonkovit - Percona Live 2020

CXO Matt Yonkovit covers how the current trend of distributed technology decisions is leading to a new trend of issues including more outages, security issues, and higher costs. DBA's and infrastructure teams are now inheriting technologies they are unprepared for and often uneducated about. The push to automate and eliminate humans from the database management process has collided with the trend of storing more data. This lethal...

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Apr 30, 2020

Distributed MySQL Architectures - Past, Present, Future

Although MySQL is now more than two decades old, it continues to power some of the world's largest internet applications. In this presentation we'll look at the history and evolution of distributed MySQL deployments. We'll explore the original designs and the common architecture patterns still in use today. Finally, we'll predict what the future has in store for us with the advent of the cloud and containers as the new operating...

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Apr 17, 2020

Why PostgreSQL is Becoming a Migration Target in Large Enterprises

The adoption and market share of PostgreSQL is growing at a rapid rate. And it's not just new installations or applications - there are huge levels of migrations happening from other database systems as well. We will discuss the reasons for selection and migration to PostgreSQL, why it's becoming a preferred open-source database and demonstrate simple migration using Oracle_FDW.

This talk covers:

• Major Trends...


Mar 27, 2020

When is MyRocks Good?

In this talk, we'll walk through RocksDB technology and look into situations where MyRocks is a good fit verses other engines such as InnoDB. We will go over internals, benchmarks, and tuning of MyRocks engine. We will also explore the benefits of using MyRocks within the MySQL ecosystem. Attendees will leave with solid knowledge of the latest development tools and integrations within MySQL.

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Jan 24, 2020

How to Upgrade to MySQL 8 Like a Boss

During this webinar, we will review the MySQL 8.0 upgrade process. In this deep dive session, we will review the latest version of MySQL 8.0, discuss upgrade challenges, bugs, gotchas and how to successfully upgrade to MySQL 8.0.