Oct 13, 2020

Kubernetes Operator for Percona Server for MongoDB

In this webinar, we will explore the Percona Kubernetes Operator for the Percona Server for MongoDB (PSMDB) database. Kubernetes is a widely deployed orchestration platform for container management. Recently, more and more companies are moving towards containerized platforms to increase availability while lowering operational costs and utilize existing infrastructure. Percona has recognized this. Many companies have expressed their...


Oct 8, 2020

BPFTrace - Dtrace Replacement on Linux

Join Peter Zaitsev, Percona CEO, as he discusses bpfTrace and Dtrace on Linux.

While eBPF was included in Linux kernel for quite a few years, it lacked a good “front end” to complete Dtrace functionality in the Linux ecosystem. In this presentation, Peter will look into BPFTrace as a capable Dtrace replacement. He will also demonstrate how you can develop your own tools and utilities using BPFTrace as well as how you can use the...

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Sep 30, 2020

The Path to Open Source DBaaS with Kubernetes

Join Peter Zaitsev, Percona CEO, as he discusses DBaas and Kubernetes.

DBaaS is the fastest growing way to deploy databases. It is fast and convenient and it helps to reduce toil a lot, yet it is typically done using proprietary software and tightly coupled to the cloud vendor. We believe Kubernetes finally allows us to build fully Open Source DBaaS Solution capable to be deployed anywhere Kubernetes runs - on the Public Cloud or...

Open Source Database

Sep 23, 2020

PostgreSQL High-Performance Tuning and Optimization

Please watch Percona’s Senior Software Engineer, Ibrar Ahmed as he presents the “PostgreSQL High-Performance Tuning and Optimization" webinar.

PostgreSQL is one of the leading open-source databases. Out of the box, the default PostgreSQL configuration is not tuned for any workload. Thus, any system with least resources can run it. PostgreSQL does not give optimum performance on high permanence machines because it is not using the...

PostgreSQLPerformance Optimization

Sep 21, 2020

Using PMM to identify and troubleshoot problematic MySQL queries

Michael Coburn discusses two methods to identify and troubleshoot problematic MySQL queries using the RED Method and PMM Query Analytics. Michael highlights specific Dashboards in PMM that visualize the rate, errors, and duration of MySQL events that may be impacting the stability and performance of your database instance.

MySQLPerformance Optimization

Sep 21, 2020

MySQL Schema Review - Michael Benshoof - Percona Tech Days

Michael Benshoof, Technical Account Manager at Percona, brings his talk, Schema Review 101: How and What You Should Be Looking at.

The goal of this talk is to review the key features that would be part of a schema review, including things such as largest tables, index issues and table activity. Since learning how to profile your data is important when looking at capacity planning, architecture, and application design, I'll also...


Sep 21, 2020

Percona Server 8.0 features you always wanted but were afraid to ask for - MySQL Tutorial

Percona Server 8.0 features you always wanted but were afraid to ask for: SEQUENCE_TABLE() and Data Masking.

In the first part of this talk, we will give you a brief introduction to SEQUENCE_TABLE() - a new MySQL table function available in Percona Server 8.0.20-11. We will go through a few examples of how it can be used to generate simple integer sequences, sets of random numbers, pseudo-random string values, etc. As a bonus, we...


Sep 21, 2020

How Safe is Asynchronous Master-Master Setup? Sveta Smirnova - Percona Tech Days

It is common knowledge that built-in asynchronous active-active replication is not safe. I remember times when the official MySQL User Reference Manual stated that such an installation is not recommended for production use. Some experts repeat this claim even now.

While this statement is generally true, I worked with thousands of shops that successfully avoided asynchronous replication limitations in active-active setups.



Sep 21, 2020

Deep Dive Into InnoDB Page Merging and Page Splitting

MySQL/InnoDB constantly performs merge and split operations, and you have very limited visibility of them. But they can bite you, and bite hard, especially if using a spindle storage VS SSD (which have different issues, by the way).

This is an important point to keep in mind. In InnoDB you cannot have fragmented records, but you can have a nightmare at the page-extent level.

The sad story is there is also very little we...

MySQLPerformance Optimization

Sep 21, 2020

MySQL 8 Observability - Peter Zaitsev - Percona Tech Days

Broken MySQL means broken Application, so maintaining insights in MySQL operational performance is critical.

Thankfully MySQL 8 offers a lot in terms of observability to resolve problems quickly and get great insights into opportunities for optimization. In this talk, we will cover most important observability improvements in MySQL 8 ranging from Performance Schema and Information Schema to enhanced error logging and optimizer...