Jul 19, 2018

MariaDB 10.3 vs. MySQL 8.0

Please watch Percona’s Chief Evangelist, Colin Charles as he presents as he presents MariaDB 10.3 vs. MySQL 8.0.

Are they syntactically similar? Where do these two languages differ? Why would I use one over the other?

MariaDB 10.3 is on the path of gradually diverging from MySQL 8.0. One obvious example is the internal data dictionary currently under development for MySQL 8.0. This is a major change to the way metadata...

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Jun 28, 2018

Securing your database servers from external attacks

Please watch Percona’s Chief Evangelist Colin Charles as he presents Securing your database servers from external attacks.

A critical piece of your infrastructure is the database tier, yet people don’t pay enough attention to it judging by how many are bitten via poorly chosen defaults, or just a lack understanding of running a secure database tier. In this talk, I’ll focus on MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB, and cover...

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Jun 28, 2018

Troubleshooting Best Practices: Monitoring the Production Database Without Killing Performance

Please watch Percona’s Principal Support Engineer Sveta Smirnova as she presents Troubleshooting Best Practices Monitoring and Don’t Kill Your Production.

During the MySQL Troubleshooting webinar series, I covered many monitoring and logging tools such as:

- General, slow, audit, binary, error log files
- Performance Schema
- Information Schema
- System variables
- Linux utilities
- InnoDB...

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Jun 26, 2018

MariaDB Server 10.3

Please watch Percona’s Chief Evangelist, Colin Charles, as he presents MariaDB Server 10.3.

MariaDB Server 10.3 is out. It has some interesting features around system versioned tables, Oracle compatibility, column compression, an integrated SPIDER engine, as well as MyRocks. Learn about what's new, how you can use it, and how it is different from MySQL.

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Jun 21, 2018

How to Analyze and Tune MySQL Queries for Better Performance

Please join Percona’s MySQL Database Administrator, Brad Mickel as he presents How to Analyze and Tune MySQL Queries for Better Performance.

Query performance is essential in making any application successful. In order to finely tune your queries you first need to understand how MySQL executes them, and what tools are available to help identify problems.

In this session you will learn:
1) The common tools for...

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Jun 20, 2018

Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 Tutorial Part 2

Please watch Percona’s Architect, Tibi Köröcz as he presents Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 Tutorial Part 2.

Never used Percona XtraDB Cluster before? This is the webinar for you! In this 45-minute webinar, we will introduce you to the to a fully functional Percona XtraDB Cluster.

This webinar will show you how to install Percona XtraDB Cluster with ProxySQL, and monitor it with Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM).


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Jun 19, 2018

MySQL: Scaling and High Availability – Production Experience from the Last Decade(s)

Please watch Percona’s CEO, Peter Zaitsev as he presents MySQL: Scaling and High Availability – Production Experience Over the Last Decade(s).

Percona is known as the MySQL performance experts. With over 4,000 customers, we’ve studied, mastered and executed many different ways of scaling applications. Percona can help ensure your application is highly available. Come learn from our playbook, and leave this talk knowing your MySQL...

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Jun 15, 2018

MongoDB Backup and Recovery Field Guide

This talk will cover backup and recovery solutions for MongoDB replica sets and clusters, focusing on online and low-impact solutions for production systems.

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Jun 13, 2018

Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting Methodologies for Databases

Have you heard about the USE Method (Utilization - Saturation - Errors), RED (Rate - Errors - Duration) or Golden Signals (Latency - Traffic - Errors - Saturations)?

In this presentation, we will talk briefly about these different-but-similar “focuses”, and discuss how we can apply them to data infrastructure performance analysis troubleshooting and monitoring.

We will use MySQL as an example, but most of this talk applies...

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May 31, 2018

MongoDB Security Checklist

Is your MongoDB deployment secure? This talk will cover security best practices for a MongoDB deployment. The talk covers features such as authorization, client/server SSL, SELinux and more.

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