Aug 28, 2020

Why Pay for MongoDB Enterprise When Open Source Has You Covered?

Barrett Chambers present "Why Pay for MongoDB Enterprise When Open Source Has You Covered?"

Many organization require Enterprise subscriptions for the coverage and features that it provide. However, many are unaware that there is an open source alternative offering all the features and benefits of a MongoDB Enterprise subscription without the licensing fees. In this talk, we will cover features that make Percona Server for MongoDB...

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Aug 28, 2020

Moving MongoDB to the Cloud: Strategies and points to consider

Vinicius Grippa present "Moving MongoDB to the Cloud: Strategies and points to consider"

There are many potential benefits moving to the cloud such as increasing resources on the fly, multi-region infrastructure, and hardware maintenance to mention only a few. On the other hand, there are critical points such as security (the latest was MEOW attack), vendor lock-in, performance issues such as latency and downtime is still a...


Aug 26, 2020

Understanding and Optimizing commit sychronization for maximum performance

Jobin Augustine present "Understanding and Optimizing commit sychronization for maximum performance"

Durability by PostgreSQL is taken for granted. PostgreSQL allows it to be tweaked at different levels. A better understanding of the commit synchronization and how it interacts with standby databases can help to optimize the performance while achieving the desired durability.

-Interaction with OS
-Interaction with the...


Aug 26, 2020

Migrating from MSSQL to PostgreSQL

Robert Bernier present "Migrating from MSSQL to PostgreSQL"

This presentation details the real world migration of an aging MSSQL enterprise server to PostgreSQL. The migration resulted in a more agile and responsive infrastructure tailored to today's circumstances and scaling opportunities.

- About the challenge
- About the solution
- The technical details
- Executing the migration
- Post migration


Aug 21, 2020

MongoDB Encryption at Rest

Join Stephen Thorn and Michał Nosek, Percona Technical Experts, as they discuss MongoDB Encryption at Rest.

This hands-on workshop will walk through the process of setting up data-at-rest encryption in Percona Server for MongoDB (PSMDB). Data-at-rest encryption is one of the methods used to secure database deployments from unauthorized data access. It’s also commonly required for enterprise-grade database deployments due to...


Aug 19, 2020

An introduction to pgcrypto

Robert Bernier present "An introduction to pgcrypto"

This talk introduces you to one of the more important postgres security extensions "pg_crypto". We'll cover the more base functions, and how they can be used with some simple examples.

- General Hashing Functions
- Password Hashing Functions
- PGP Encryption Functions
- Raw Encryption Functions
- Random-Data Functions


Aug 19, 2020

Joining Heterogeneous Databases is a reality, not a Myth

Ibrar Ahmed present "Joining Heterogeneous Databases is a reality, not a Myth."

PostgreSQL provides a way to communicate with external data sources. This could be another PostgreSQL instance or any other database.
The other database might be a relational database such as Clickhouse, MySQL or Oracle; or any NoSQL database such as MongoDB or Hadoop. To achieve this, PostgreSQL implements ISO Standard call SQL-MED in the form of...


Aug 19, 2020

Elephant by the pool: PostgreSQL connection poolers overview

Sergey Kuzmichev and Jobin Augustine present "Elephant by the pool: PostgreSQL connection poolers overview."

"Everything comes at a cost, including opening and maintaining connections to the database. With PostgreSQL, this can be especially true. Using connection pooler is a known solution, but choosing one can be a daunting task. Especially, when a new one has just appeared to the party.

This talk covers:
* The general...


Aug 19, 2020

Building Enterprise Grade PostgreSQL using Percona distribution for PostgreSQL

Avi Vallarapu present "Building an Enterprise Grade PostgreSQL using open source solutions"

"I migrated from a proprietary database software to PostgreSQL. I am curious to know whether I can get the same features I used to have in the proprietary database software". The market coined the term "enterprise grade" or "enterprise ready" to differentiate products and service offerings for licensed database software. For example: there...


Aug 5, 2020

Database Challenges: Open Source Vs. Open Core

Join Peter Zaitsev, CEO at Percona, as he discusses database challenges and the concepts of open source and open core. Over the years open source companies have tried to bring products to market and maximize their revenue streams. To date the most popular open source business model remains “Open Core”. But is open core software still open source? Or is it a freemium model designed to separate you from your money? Not all companies...

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