The database market is changing drastically in ways no one imagined 5 years ago. Database vendors are moving away from traditional deployment methods and embracing database as a service (DBaaS) as the default method to offer their database technologies to consumers and users. Much of this movement has been built because of the success and popularity of DBaaS offerings by major cloud vendors. Unfortunately, this is leading to a new era of NROSS (Not really open source) technologies that pretend to be free, open, and transparent but simply are not.

As people wake up from the hangover’s caused by the incompatibilities, lack of portability, and increased costs they are looking at how to reclaim the openness, transparency, and freedom true OpenSource has provided them in the past. Peter will explore the trends and give his opinions and ideas on how we need to disrupt the current trends to keep open source open, and give users the freedom of having a quality alternative.

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