Janis Griffin (SolarWinds) delivers the talk, "Top Five MySQL Query Tuning Tips", on DAY 1 of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2018, 4/24, at Santa Clara, CA.

Query tuning can be complex. It's often hard to know which knob to turn or button to press to get the biggest performance boost. In this presentation, Janis Griffin, database performance evangelist at SolarWinds, will share her secrets for determining the best approach for tuning queries by utilizing the performance schema (specifically instrumented wait events and thread states), query execution plans, SQL diagramming techniques and more.

Regardless of the complexity of your database or your skill level, this systematic approach will lead you down the correct tuning path with no guessing, saving countless hours of tuning queries and optimizing the performance of your MySQL® databases.

Learning objectives:
- Learn how to effectively use the performance schema to quickly identify bottlenecks and get clues on the best tuning approach
- Quickly identify inefficient operations through review of query execution plans
- Learn how to use SQL diagramming techniques to find the best plan

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