Kentoku SHIBA (Spiral Arms LLC) delivers the talk, "Spider Storage Engine for the sharding", on DAY 1 of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2018, 4/24, at Santa Clara, CA.

Spider is a Storage Engine of MySQL and MariaDB for database sharding. This Storage Engine is 10 years old and bundled in MariaDB 10.0 and later. Spider supports the following things.
- Dividing a huge data into multiple servers. (sharding)
- Dividing a lot of accesses into multiple servers. (sharding)
- Joining tables on multiple servers. (cross shard join)
- Parallel processing on multiple servers. (parallel processing)
- Use bunch of databases as a database. (federating)
- Design and control data redundancy per table and partition. (redundancy)
- Design and control fault tolerance per table and partition. (fault tolerance)
- Parallel fulltext search on multiple servers. (fulltext searching)
- Parallel spatial search on multiple servers. (spacial searching)
- Dividing NoSQL access into multiple servers. (NoSQL)

In this session, I will introduce Spider and the latest Spider 3.3(GA) features.

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