Karthik Gandhi, Senior Software Engineer from Uber delivers their talk, "Running Cassandra on Apache Mesos across multiple datacenters at Uber", on DAY 3 of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2017, April 27, at Santa Clara, CA.

Traditionally, machines were statically partitioned across the different services at Uber. In an effort to increase the machine utilization, Uber has recently started transitioning most of its services, including the storage services, to run on top of Mesos. This presentation will describe the initial experience building and operating a framework for running Cassandra on top of Mesos running across multiple datacenters at Uber. This framework automates several Cassandra operations such as node repairs, addition of new nodes and backup/restore. It improves efficiency by co-locating CPU-intensive services as well as multiple Cassandra nodes on the same Mesos agent. It handles failure and restart of Mesos agents by using persistent volumes and dynamic reservations. This talk includes statistics about the number of Cassandra clusters in production, time taken to start a new cluster, add a new node, detect a node failure; and the observed Cassandra query throughput and latency.


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