Matthias Crauwels, Developer / DBA, Ghent University delivers his talk, "Rolling out a Database-as-a-Service layer at Ghent University", on DAY 2 of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2017, 4/26, at Santa Clara, CA.

Currently we are starting to roll out of a new MySQL database layer on our own private cloud. We are the 2nd largest university in Belgium and we have a wide variety of applications running on MySQL. Some are in-house development that we can control and some are external or closed source tools we just have to run. We also opened up the infrastructure for employees and researchers within the university as a service to our internal community.

Previously our MySQL infrastructure was running on physical hardware that was end-of-life. The setup was very complicated with a lot of instances on these physical boxes which made it hard to manage. We didn't have a good solution for high availability and each time there was a backup running, our topology
suffered from replication lag.

Our new solution is build on virtual servers with network file systems and consists out of open source tools. We added a proxy layer based on ProxySQL to shield of our MySQL topology because not all applications were build with read-write splitting capabilities or were too hard to reconfigure automatically. We implemented Orchestrator for topology management and introduced Percona Xtrabackup as our primary backup solution. The entire infrastructure is managed using puppet.

I will talk about the things we encountered implementing this and the design decisions we made for better or for worse.

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