Revision control for source code - and especially Git - has caused a great leap forward in software development and delivery.

A similar revolution has not yet taken place in data. This talk will discuss the various #OpenSource #databases that are approaching this problem, the underlying architectures and challenges in building both a 'Git for data' and a 'GitHub for data'.

It will posit that to be a true collaboration and distributed system, it must be:

1) decentralized
2) offline-first: work offline and then resync when online again
3) reliable: conflicts are handled properly
4) private: end-to-end-encrypted, if desired
5) efficient: only changes (diffs) to the data set are transmitted between participants
6) collaborative: multiple people can work on the same data set

Many applications choose the SaaS-route with one central database behind a web service and every frontend displays an instantaneous view of some part of the data set. This breaks most requirements. The database-as-a-service approach with an MVCC database & the flexibility to version schemas is a prerequisite for success. Finally, the talk will look to the future and the dawn of CI/CD for data.

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