Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) is a multi-master solution that offers virtual synchronous replication among clustering node. It is based on the galera replication library from Codership. In this session we will explore some key features of PXC that makes it enterprise ready including some recently added PXC-5.7 exclusive features.

This webinar is an introductory and will cover the following topics:
- ProxySQL load balancer
- Multi-master replication
- Synchronous replication
- Data at rest encryption
- Improved SST Security through simplified configuration
- Easy to setup encrypted between-nodes communication
- ProxySQL-assisted Percona XtraDB Cluster maintenance mode
- Automatic node provisioning
- Percona XtraDB Cluster "strict-mode"

Tags: PXC, MySQL, High Availability, Clustering,
Experience Level: Beginner

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