Percona Server 8.0 features you always wanted but were afraid to ask for: SEQUENCE_TABLE() and Data Masking.

In the first part of this talk, we will give you a brief introduction to SEQUENCE_TABLE() - a new MySQL table function available in Percona Server 8.0.20-11. We will go through a few examples of how it can be used to generate simple integer sequences, sets of random numbers, pseudo-random string values, etc. As a bonus, we will show you how it can be used to solve one non-trivial math problem.

In the second part of the talk, we talk about the Data masking plugin introduced in Percona Server for MySQL. This feature allows users to hide sensitive data, be compliant with privacy laws like GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc. We will also go through the list of UDFs provided by the Data Masking Plugin. These UDFs are compatible with MySQL Enterprise Data Masking and De-identification plugin.