David Murphy delivers the talk, "Operations - SRE - AIOps For Data Professionals", on DAY 2 of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019, 5/30, at Austin, TX.

Our world is moving fast, and data is piling up. There was a time when DBA managed a few machines, then a few hundred, and now each DBA needs to handle thousands. To enable this, we are going to talk about how we used to monitor, then how SRE has changed the rules. We will also cover why your DBA is still needed even in SRE, but the function is different. Finally, we will break into migrating and enabling SRE functions with Machine Learning or AIOps. This will include a discussion on what AIOps for DB's is not, and how you can get there.

* Classic Database Operations and Deployment
* SRE Concepts for the DBA
* Automation DBA tasks and investigations
* Monitoring of Yesterday
* Automating Alert Handling
* Machine Learning and how it helps SRE
* What not to expect from ML and AIOps
* Talk about Monasca as a good architecture template

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