MySQL Test Framework (MTR) provides a unit test suite for MySQL. Tests in the framework are written by MySQL Server developers and contributors, and run to ensure the build is working correctly.

I found that this isn’t the only thing for which MTR is useful . I regularly use it in my support job to help customers and verify bug reports.

With MySQL Test Framework I can:

- Create a complicated environment in single step, and re-use it later
- Test the same scenario on dozens of MySQL/Percona/MariaDB server versions with a single command
- Test concurrent scenarios
- Test errors and return codes
- Work with results, external commands and stored routines

Everything can be done with single script that can be reused on any machine, any time, with any MySQL/Percona/MariaDB Server version.

In this webinar, I will show my way of working with MySQL Test Framework. I hope you will love it as I do!

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