Frédéric Descamps (Oracle) delivers the talk, "MySQL Shell: The Best DBA tool? How to Use the MySQL Shell as a Framework for DBAs", on DAY 1 of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019, 5/29, at Austin, TX.

MySQL Shell is the new client for MySQL. It understands standard and X protocol. It also allows to send JS, Python or SQL commands to the server. In this talk I will show you how to first configure the Shell for a nice, good looking experience with MySQL, show some of the basic commands and objects. After this brief overview I will show how it's possible to extend the Shell, and how I hacked it to create an Innotop clone inside the MySQL Shell. This session is a live demo with extra explanation, and the code will be shared during and after the presentation.

The goal of the talk is also to introduce to the Community how to hack the Shell and to call for contributions and feature requests.

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