Please watch Autodesk's Senior DevOps Engineer, Sanjeet Deshpande, Autodesk's Senior Database Engineer, Vineet Khanna, and Percona’s Sr. MySQL DBA, Tate McDaniel as they present "Migrating to Aurora and Monitoring with PMM".

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Aurora is one of the most popular cloud-based RDBMS solutions. The main reason for Aurora’s success is because it's based on InnoDB storage engine.

In this session, we will talk about how you can efficiently plan for migration to Aurora using Terraform and Percona products and solutions. We will share our Terraform code for launching AWS Aurora clusters, look at tricks for checking data consistency, verify migration paths and effectively monitor the environment using PMM.

The topics in this session include:
- Why AWS Aurora? What is the future of AWS Aurora?
- Build Aurora Infrastructure
- Using Terraform (Without Data)
- Restore Using Terraform & Percona XtraBackup (Using AWS S3 Bucket)
- Verify data consistency
- Aurora migration
- 1:1 migration
- Many:1 migration using Percona Server multi-source replication
- Show benchmarks and PMM dashboard
- Demo

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