There are many good databases out there. Picking the right database for your project is never easy. There are technical criteria, business criteria, perhaps even ethical criteria. In this keynote, MariaDB Foundation CEO Kaj Arnö will present his – obviously completely impartial – view of the process.

Should you pick a database in the cloud or on-premise? Should you pick a relational database or a NoSQL database? Should you pick an Open Source database or a closed-source one? And if you pick relational open-source databases, how should you choose between MariaDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL?

Expect the recommendation to not always be “go with MariaDB 10.4”. However, do expect to get a view of how the MariaDB Foundation sees its role, in relation to MariaDB Server, to MariaDB Corporation, to its other members (Microsoft, IBM, Service Now, Alibaba, Tencent, et al.), and above all, to the community of database developers and users.

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