Sandeep Jangra (Walmart), Andre Van Looveren (Walmart) deliver the talk, "Lessons Learned Building a Fully Automated Database Platform as a Service Using Open Source Technologies in the Cloud", on DAY 1 of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019, 5/29, at Austin, TX.

Open source software is not the new kid on the block anymore! But it takes some time and effort to take these independent software components and bundle them into working software that meets your organization's needs. At Walmart Labs, we are having fun automating the full lifecycle of a database using MariaDB in private and public clouds. In this talk, we will go over how we are building a fully automated database platform and the lessons learned from running these distributed systems in a cloud environment at scale.

If you are interested in open source technologies and curious to know how we manage 6000 (and growing!) computes in the cloud with a small team, then come join us for a fun-filled tech talk!

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