Geir Høydalsvik (Oracle) delivers the talk, "What Are the Main New Key Features in MySQL 8.0 ?", on DAY 1 of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2018, 4/24, at Santa Clara, CA.

In this session, Geir will describe the new key features that have already been announced for MySQL 8.0.

In addition to Data Dictionary, CTEs and Windows function the session is covering:

* Move to utf8(mb4) as MySQL's default character set
* Language specific case-insensitive collation for 21 languages (utf8)
* Invisible index
* Descending indexes
* Improve usability of UUID and IPV6 manipulations
* SQL roles
* SET PERSIST for global variable values
* Performance Schema, instrumenting data locks
* Performance Schema, instrumenting error messages
* Improved cost model with histograms

The presentation ends with some words on scalability, plugin infrastructure and GIS.

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