Kunlun Distributed Database Cluster is a distributed DBMS that aims to combine the best of both MySQL and PostgreSQL to meet the challenges of an ever-growing amount of data to manage and provide users with a highly performant, highly available, highly scalable and fault-tolerant, easy to use and manage database system that requires minimal human maintenance.

Kunlun Distributed Database Cluster enables users to define table sharding rules so that it automatically distributes tablets properly to available storage shards. We implemented the two-phase commit protocol to do distributed transaction commit; We use MySQL group replication for high availability in storage shards. We fixed a series of MySQL XA bugs to make Kunlun's distributed transaction processing highly reliable. We modified PostgreSQL to do far more than its FDW capabilities --- we implemented not only the global transaction coordinator but also concurrent asynchronous communication with MySQL storage shards and enhanced its query processing for best performance when accessing remote data in storage shards. Also, we implemented reliable DDL synchronization among multiple computing nodes of a cluster, the benefit is that all computing nodes have consistent metadata stored locally so that they can do query processing accurately with the best performance.

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