Please watch Percona’s PostgreSQL Support Technical Lead, Avinash Vallarapu; Senior Support Engineer, Fernando Laudares; and Senior Support Engineer, Jobin Augustine, as they demonstrate an enterprise-grade PostgreSQL environment built using a combination of open source tools and extensions.

The solution starts with building a secure PostgreSQL environment, tuning the database for the production workload, building a high availability strategy that avoids single-point-of-failures, scaling PostgreSQL using connection poolers to avoid excessive usage of server resources, and load balancing reads between the available standby replicas to effectively use the computing power of all the database servers.

We will be publishing a series of blog posts to expand on each topic below. This webinar will go into more detail as we showcase the full project.
Topics covered in the blogs and demonstrated during the webinar include:

Securing your PostgreSQL database cluster
High availability in PostgreSQL
Preparing a PostgreSQL backup strategy and the tools available for use
Scaling PostgreSQL using connection poolers and load balancers
Detailed logging in PostgreSQL and the tools and extensions available to you
Monitoring your PostgreSQL environment
We will walk you through the whole process during the 45 minute webinar, showing you the results we achieved and how our solution works in practice. During this webinar you will see a simple web application operating normally, and then demonstrate what happens when we kill the master, when we remove the connection pooler out of the setup, and when we add another replica to share the read load.

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