Frédéric Descamps (Oracle),René Cannaò (ProxySQL) delivers the talk, "Consistent Reads Using ProxySQL and GTID", on DAY 1 of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2018, 4/24, at Santa Clara, CA.

MySQL replication allows you to write on one writer server and easily scale out reads by redirecting reads to reader servers. But how do we guarantee read consistency with their last write? Galera replication can guarantee that, while MySQL Group Replication and standard MySQL async replication cannot.

If you are running MySQL Server or Percona Server, version 5.7 or newer, with GTID enabled, ProxySQL 2.0 is now able to ensure read consistently with the last write. ProxySQL is able to stream GTID information from all the reader servers, and in real-time is able to determine which reader server(s) is able to execute the SELECT statement producing a resultset that is read consistently with the last write (and GTID) executed by each client.

This presentation will show the technical details that allow you to build an architecture with thousands of ProxySQL instances and MySQL servers, and how GTID information is processed in real-time with limited bandwidth footprint.

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