There is a reason why the cloud is gaining popularity. On one hand, software is growing and getting more complex. In contrast, the computing power of a single machine has more or less maxed out. The only way to keep growing is by distributing our software across machines. It is only a matter of time before this requirement starts to affect the databases. For many, it already has.

To face these changes, we have to evolve both in terms of the ability to distribute data, and with the kind of automation developers are starting to expect from cloud environments.
We will talk about how Vitess addresses these problems, allowing us to continue leveraging all the innovations that have gone into MySQL, and we'll cover what other options we have to move forward towards this unavoidable future.

Sugu is the co-creator of Vitess, and has been working on it since 2010. Prior to Vitess, Sugu worked on scalability at YouTube and was also part of PayPal in the early days. His recent interest is in distributed systems and consensus algorithms. He occasionally shares his thoughts on his blog.

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