Avi Vallarapu present "Building an Enterprise Grade PostgreSQL using open source solutions"

"I migrated from a proprietary database software to PostgreSQL. I am curious to know whether I can get the same features I used to have in the proprietary database software". The market coined the term "enterprise grade" or "enterprise ready" to differentiate products and service offerings for licensed database software. For example: there may be a standard database software or an entry-level package that delivers the core functionality and basic features. Likewise, there may be an enterprise version, a more advanced package which goes beyond the essentials to include features and tools indispensable for running critical solutions in production. With such a differentiation found in commercial software, we may wonder whether a solution built on top of an open source database like PostgreSQL can satisfy all the enterprise requirements.
So, in this talk, we shall discuss how you can build an Enterprise Grade PostgreSQL using open source solutions.

In this talk, we shall discuss a list of Enterprise-grade features that include -

1. Securing your PostgreSQL database cluster
2. High Availability for your PostgreSQL setup
3. Preparing a Backup strategy and the tools available to achieve it
4. Scaling PostgreSQL using connection poolers and load balancers
5. Tools/extensions available for your daily DBA life and detailed logging in PostgreSQL.
6. Monitoring your PostgreSQL and real-time analysis.