Lookout takes a mobile-first approach to security, and protects mobility for some of the world's largest enterprises, critical government agencies and tens of millions of individuals worldwide. Uptime is critical for their applications, and Lookout needed to maintain their AWS environment performance-- while still keeping an eye on the bottom line. This webinar discusses why Lookout chose Percona to help reduce their AWS architecture complexity and reduce costs, all while still ensuring a great customer experience. This webinar covers:

- How Percona’s experts helped simply Lookout’s AWS architecture
- How the architecture changed, and both maximized AWS resources and minimized costs
- How Percona Monitoring and Management was used to track metrics and prevent bottlenecks during the migration

By the end of the webinar, you will have a better understanding on the best practices Percona implemented when right-sizing Lookout’s Aurora footprint.

Tags: DBA, MySQL, Cloud, AWS, Lookout, Percona Managed Services

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