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Percona Technical Presentations

Browse our library of nearly 300 technical presentations from webinars and events presented by Percona speakers. Percona Live technical presentation slides are available at the individual Percona Live event websites which can be found at

  Feb 4, 2018     at FOSDEM 2018     Colin Charles
  Feb 4, 2018     at FOSDEM 2018     Sveta Smirnova
  Feb 3, 2018     at FOSDEM 2018     Peter Zaitsev
  Feb 2, 2018     at Pre FOSDEM MySQL Day     Peter Zaitsev
  Jan 25, 2018     at Percona Technical Webinar     Sveta Smirnova
  Jan 24, 2018     at Percona Technical Webinars     Colin Charles
  Jan 10, 2018     at Percona Technical Webinars     Peter Zaitsev
  Dec 20, 2017     at Percona Technical Webinar     Peter Zaitsev
  Dec 15, 2017     at Percona Technical Webinars     Colin Charles
  Dec 14, 2017     at Percona Technical Webinars     Dov Endress
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