May 31, 2013
 Webinar: MySQL Query Patterns, Optimized
  Bill Karwin

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Join Bill Karwin, Percona’s Principal MySQL Instructor, as he classifies several common types of queries with which developers struggle, based on years of answering questions online. Bill will test several SQL solutions for each type of query objective, and show how you can use MySQL 5.6 built-in methods to analyze them for optimal query efficiency. The discussion will cover optimizer reports, query profiling, and session status to measure performance.

The query classes include:

· Exclusion Join

· Random Selection

· Greatest-Per-Group

· Dynamic Pivot, and

· Relational Division

About the Author

Bill Karwin

Bill Karwin has been a software engineer for over twenty years, developing and supporting applications, libraries, and servers such as Zend Framework for PHP 5, the InterBase relational database, and the Enhydra Java application server. Throughout his career, Bill has shared his knowledge to help other programmers achieve success and productivity. Bill has answered thousands of questions, giving him a unique perspective on SQL mistakes that most commonly cause problems. Bill authored the book "SQL Antipatterns", collecting frequent blunders and showing better solutions.