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  Nov 19, 2014
  Percona MySQL Webinar
   Andrew Moore

Tips from the Trenches: A Guide to Preventing Downtime for the Over-Extended DBA

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In organizations where MySQL expertise is over-stretched or missing, it is common for developers, system administrators, IT, and DBAs from other backgrounds to fill the void. While they are capable team members, a split focus can increase the risk for downtime.

Working with clients, Percona has seen a number of complex operational issues arise with MySQL. However, for most of these issues, there were windows of time in which downtime could have been avoided by knowing some key details about how MySQL operates on a deeper level. In this webinar, Andrew Moore of Percona’s Managed Services Team will share some important lessons learned that will help the over-extended DBA prevent production downtime from affecting their several nines.

Andrew Moore
Technical Services Manager
Andrew is a seasoned MySQL professional leading a team of DBAs in the EMEA region for Percona services department. With a background in administering production systems at large scale, Andrew enjoys the challenges that come with that territory. Andrew lives with his young family in Dorset, UK and enjoys the slower pace of life in the British countryside. When not tinkering with MySQL, Andrew is usually trying to Dockerize something.

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