Feb 04, 2015
 Percona MySQL Webinar
  Daniel Guzmán Burgos

Percona Toolkit is a collection of more than 30 command-line tools for MySQL, Percona Server, and MariaDB that can help database administrators automate a variety of database and system tasks. With so many tools available, it can be difficult to know which ones are most useful to maintain daily MySQL operations. This webinar will cover which tools can help you keep your database operating on a continuous basis and stay ahead of potential problems.

About the Author

Daniel Guzmán Burgos

Daniel studied Electronic Engineering, but quickly becomes interested on all data things. Worked as a DBA since 2007 for several companies including one of the major social gaming company at that time in Latin America. Daniel lives in Bogotá, Colombia and in his free time love to spend time with his family and to eat on any kind restaurants. Working for Percona since 2014, he is part of the Consulting team.