Jun 12, 2019
 Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019
  Daniel Black

MySQL and MariaDB have a long list of old, potentially trivial bugs that are annoying if you hit them. No one's really bothered to fix them, so why not you? It doesn't take a large amount of C/C++ knowledge to pick out an old bug and build/test a MySQL/MariaDB patch to fix an old bug.

I'll talk about what is a sane choice of bug, how to use the existing mtr to help, small test cases, and packaging up and submitting your changes.

But doing this, you'll pay it forward, for all the positive MySQL/MariaDB experiences you've had.

About the Author

Daniel Black

Daniel is a serial micropatcher of open source projects working at IBM. He does performance and porting coding for POWER Systems as well as IBM Cloud Private content development. He was formerly a DBA consultant for Open Query where he starting writing far to many patches for MariaDB, a tradition which he continues today.