Nov 05, 2018
 Percona Live Open Source Database Conference Europe 2018
  Michael Coburn

In this talk, we'll go over some of the high level monitoring concepts that PMM enables for you, the CEO, to leverage in order to speak the same language as your technical team. We'll cover:

Which thresholds to follow for CEOs
Host-specific resources - CPU, Memory, Disk, Network
Database-specific resources - Connections, Queries per Second, Slow Queries, Replication lag
Building custom KPI metrics using PMM
Visualize Application logic
Combine Application and Databases under one view

About the Author

Michael Coburn

Michael joined Percona as a Consultant in 2012, and progressed through various roles including Managing Consultant, Principal Architect, Technical Account Manager, and Technical Support Engineer, and is now leading the Product Management of Percona Monitoring and Management.