Nov 05, 2014
 2014 OpenStack Summit Paris
  George Lorch

Presented by George Lorch, Percona and Vipul Sabhaya, HP at the 2014 OpenStack Summit in Paris.

To facilitate its use within OpenStack Trove, Percona, in partnership with other Openstack Community members, has developed and refined several features in Percona Server. Since Percona Server is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, many operators and users have benefited from these features designed to improve cloud deployments. This presentation reviews some of these new Percona Server features that OpenStack operators can use to better manage their Trove guest instances of MySQL, including:

  • The utility-user functionality to limit access to hosted data and help limit the liability of the operator while still allowing a certain level of access to manage the MySQL server
  • The enhanced options modifiers to prevent end users from changing critical MySQL system variables
  • The various options to limit the space used by binlog and slow query logs (max-binlog-size, max-binlog-files, max-slowlog-size, and max-slowlog-files)

In addition, we will share research about:

  • Preventing InnoDB/XtraDB from getting into an unrecoverable state due to ENOSPC and some techniques that can be used to avoid this situation
  • Limiting runaway UNDO space

About the Author

George Lorch

George joined the Percona development team in April 2012. George has over 25 years of experience in software support, development, architecture and project management. Prior to joining Percona, George was focused on Windows based enterprise application server development and network protocol classification and optimization with heavy doses of database schema design, architecture and tuning. George lives in the beautiful mountains of north-central Arizona with his wife and cat. His hobbies are fiddling with cool bits of technology, home brewing and winemaking, tending his ever growing garden, hiking, fishing, camping and otherwise enjoying the out of doors as much as possible.