Nov 17, 2015
 Percona MySQL Webinar
  David Murphy

We all have heard the hype: “Mongo” just works and will scale to what you need to do. It is true that it can scale well and lets you have any structure you want during prototyping. But how do these rules change when you need a production-ready, consistently high performing and available system? This webinar addresses this question and covers a range of topics, including:

Choosing the right engine for your workload
The importance of schema design
What anti-patterns you should avoid using
Knowing when to ask for a precalculated result

These techniques will be a great addition to your arsenal if you are using a single node, needing to shard, or have already sharded.

About the Author

David Murphy

David joined Percona in October 2015 as Practice Manager for MongoDB. Prior to that, David joined the ObjectRocket by Rackspace team as the Lead DBA in Sept 2013. With the growth involved with a any recently acquired startup, David’s role covered a wide range from evangelism, research, run book development, knowledgebase design, consulting, technical account management, mentoring and much more. Prior to the world of MongoDB had been a MySQL and NoSQL architect at Electronic Arts working with some of the largest titles in the world like FIFA, SimCity, and Battle Field providing tuning, design, and technology choice responsibilities. David maintains an active interest in database speaking and exploring new technologies.