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  Sep 17, 2014
  Percona MySQL Webinar
   Tushar Katarki, Yves Trudeau

OpenStack: A MySQL DBA Perspective

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The rapid progress of the OpenStack project is democratizing cloud computing, bringing a new set of possibilities and features to both cloud operators and developers. OpenStack infrastructure relies heavily on MySQL. This webinar will cover how MySQL is used internally by OpenStack and options for high availability and scaling. We will also present an overview of OpenStack Trove (Database-as-a-Service), how it works and how it can be customized. Finally, we will discuss the pros and cons of different block storage options for databases in an OpenStack environment. By the end of the webinar, you will have a good understanding of the role of MySQL in OpenStack, options for high availability and scaling on different storage technologies, and MySQL-as-a-Service.

Tushar Katarki
Director of Product Management
Yves Trudeau
Principal Architect
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