Sep 17, 2014
 Percona MySQL Webinar
  Tushar Katarki, Yves Trudeau

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The rapid progress of the OpenStack project is democratizing cloud computing, bringing a new set of possibilities and features to both cloud operators and developers. OpenStack infrastructure relies heavily on MySQL. This webinar will cover how MySQL is used internally by OpenStack and options for high availability and scaling. We will also present an overview of OpenStack Trove (Database-as-a-Service), how it works and how it can be customized. Finally, we will discuss the pros and cons of different block storage options for databases in an OpenStack environment. By the end of the webinar, you will have a good understanding of the role of MySQL in OpenStack, options for high availability and scaling on different storage technologies, and MySQL-as-a-Service.

About the Authors

Tushar Katarki

Tushar Katarki serves as a product manager at Percona. He has 15+ years of Information Technology in DataCenter and Enterprise Systems technology as a software developer, software architect, project manager and in the past 8 years as product manager. Tushar has worked at Red Hat, Polycom, Oracle, Sun and Sycamore Networks and has a MBA from Babson College, MS in Computer Science from University at Buffalo and BS in Electrical Engineering from Karnataka University, India. Tushar is married and lives with his wife and two kids in the Acton , MA, USA (Greater Boston area) . Tushar likes to golf, squash, hike, bike.

Yves Trudeau

Yves is a Principal Consultant at Percona, specializing in MySQL High-Availability and scaling solutions. Prior to joining Percona in 2009, he worked as a senior consultant for MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems, assisting customers across North America with NDB Cluster and Heartbeat/DRBD technologies. Yves holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics from Université de Sherbrooke. He lives in Québec, Canada with his wife and three daughters.