May 13, 2014
 2014 OpenStack Summit, Brown Bag Session
  Rob Young

MySQL Options for OpenStack: What You Should Know

About the Author

Rob Young

Rob joined Percona in 2014 after working in the open source database industry for the last 9 years. Prior to joining Percona Rob helped build and grow the technical product management role at MongoDB, the leading document-oriented database on the market. Before MongoDB, Rob worked with the engineering and product management teams at MySQL AB, Sun Microsystems and Oracle to develop the MySQL open source database and to build the MySQL Enterprise subscription business model that prompted Sun's $1B acquisition of MySQL AB in 2008. Before joining MySQL Rob was a founding member of the product management team that developed and managed the Embarcadero Technologies database administration and monitoring tools product line. Rob has also served as a technical leader, application developer and operational DBA with multiple corporations across the public utilities, transportation, banking and insurance industries. Rob holds an AS in Computer Science/Mathematics from the University of Kentucky and a BS in Economics/Mathematics from the University of Louisville. Rob resides in Louisville, KY with his wife and 2 sons.