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  Jun 18, 2014
  Percona MySQL Webinar
   Max Bubenick

MySQL Backup and Recovery Best Practices

Listen to Max Bubenick of the Percona Remote DBA Team as he shares backup and recovery best practices gained from working with some of the largest MySQL users in the world.

Key topics include:

-The different types of backups, including physical, logical and binlog mirroring
-How Percona XtraBackup, mysqldump 5.6 for binlogs and other backup tools work
-Mydumper advanced features and benefits such as less-locking, save-points and chunks filesize/rows
-How to restore each type of backup, including restoring to a point in time using binlogs
-Using Amazon S3 for a long-term storage

By the end of this webinar, you will have a better understanding of how to approach creating a best-in-class backup and recovery system for your MySQL environment.

Max Bubenick
MySQL Technical Operations Manager
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