Mar 25, 2015
 Percona MySQL Webinar
  Stephane Combaudon

MySQL is the most popular and widely used open source relational database on the planet. It is known for its performance, reliability and, most importantly, ease of use. While MySQL remains a popular choice among developers, the next generation of web, cloud and mobile applications is being built on hybrid database technologies that leverage the power of MySQL and the flexibility of NoSQL solutions like MongoDB to deliver a dynamic and compelling user experience.

In this session you will learn how your MySQL expertise can be applied to MongoDB and what you need to know to begin building your first hybrid or MongoDB specific application. We'll cover:

  • MongoDB basics - document vs relational design
  • Schema vs Schemaless - Understanding the benefits and limitations of MongoDB's schemaless model
  • High availability with MongoDB Replic Sets
  • Scaling with MongoDB Sharded Clusters
  • Tips for performance optimization
  • Storing and Retrieving data - Basics of the MongoDB query language
  • Building complex queries with the MongoDB Aggregation framework.

Anyone interested in understanding how their MySQL expertise can be applied to MongoDB in a practical, productive way should attend this session.

About the Author

Stephane Combaudon

Stéphane joined Percona in July 2012, after working as a MySQL DBA for leading French companies. In real life, he lives in Paris with his wife and their twin daughters. When not in front of a computer or not spending time with his family, he likes playing chess and hiking.