Sep 24, 2014
 Percona MySQL Webinar
  Justin Swanhart

What do you do when you need to scale application data beyond a single MySQL server? You shard. Join Principal Support Engineer Justin Swanhart as he discusses sharding for MySQL databases. During the webinar you will learn sharding basics and explore advanced solutions including MySQL Fabric, an OLTP sharding solution, and Shard-Query, an OLAP sharding solution. At the end of the webinar, you will better understand how sharding can help you scale your big data applications and some of the available solutions for enabling you to make it happen.

About the Author

Justin Swanhart

Justin is a Principal Support Engineer on the support team. In the past, he was a trainer at Percona and a consultant. Justin also created and maintains Shard-Query, a middleware tool for sharding and parallel query execution and Flexviews, a tool for materialized views for MySQL. Prior to working at Percona Justin consulted for Proven Scaling, was a backend engineer at Yahoo! and a database administrator at Smule and Gazillion games.