Apr 15, 2017
 Stachka 2017
  Anastasia Raspopina

Distributed by 90% with staff in 30 countries of the world: why is it possible?

About the Author

Anastasia Raspopina

Stacy (Anastasia Raspopina) works for Percona as a Marketing Specialist responsible for internal company communication, event management, promotional and other special projects. Stacy started her career as a journalist in a publishing house and proceeded as a translator specializing in such fields as IT and Software Localization. In 2012 she decided to get closer to what she believed she was born for – writing texts and being involved in interpersonal communications, working in a GameDev company as a web content author and customer care specialist simultaneously. In early 2013 Stacy joined the team organizing one of Russia’s largest conferences for IT folks, combining a wide range of roles from a content editor to a conference manager interacting with speakers, attendees, sponsors, partners, contractors and more. At that time she also performed the duties of an assistant to the company's CEO. Stacy lives in central Russia with her husband Nick spending her free time at literature events very often organized by her and her friends.