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  Mar 05, 2014
  Percona MySQL Webinar
   Bill Karwin

Common (But Deadly) MySQL Development Mistakes

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"We need a database that 'just works' and runs at 'web scale.'" MySQL software developers are under pressure to do more in less time, and create applications that adapt to ever-changing requirements.

But it's true that some of a developer's time is wasted when their method of optimizing involves trying every combination of code and index definition. There must be a more straight path to achieve the best database code. This talk shows you some of these methods, including:

-How to find out which indexes are the best fit for your MySQL application
-How to protect yourself from the number one MySQL database security vulnerability on the web
-How to decide when to optimize a MySQL database application with denormalization, indexes, caching, partitioning, sharding
-At the end of this webinar, you'll be more productive and confident as you develop MySQL database-driven applications.

Bill Karwin
Senior Knowledge Manager
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