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  Wednesday, October 8, 2014
   Peter Zaitsev

Solid State Storage for Your Open Source Databases: What You Need to Know to Optimize Performance

The rise of Solid State or Flash storage is one of the great technology changes impacting the database world. With this impact comes many questions for potential users of the technology. Traditionally, databases were designed based on the premise that storage is slow and that sequential IO operations are much faster than "random" ones. This is not the case with Solid State storage. To successfully operate your open source database, there are many options that you need to understand about solid state storage.

This presentation will help explore these options and answer your key questions by discussing:

  • The properties of Solid State storage and Multi-Tiered storage solutions
  • How to best use them to a build and optimize a high-performance and cost efficient storage solution for database workloads
  • What specific configurations are proven to work well

Peter Zaitsev
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