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  Wednesday, May 6, 2015
   David Ducos

MySQL Query Optimization

Optimizing complex and ugly written MySQL queries is one of the most unwanted tasks for any DBA. While we can load-off these queries to slaves to avoid many problems, sometimes you still see these queries in reports or in the slow query logs consuming a lot of resources.

In this webinar, we will explain some techniques to help minimize this situation while making the task of query optimization more bearable:

  • Force index as a first approach
  • Using sub-selects in order to force a temporary table
  • Rewrite the query as the optimizer is executing
  • Reorder the join with STRAIGHT_JOIN
David Ducos
Senior Consultant
David studied Computer Science in National University of La Plata, worked as DB Consultant since 2008 and he worked 3 years in a world wide platform of free classifieds, until started to work for Percona in Nov 2014, as part of the Consulting team. David lives near Buenos Aires, Argentina and in his free time love to spend time with his family.

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