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  Wednesday, June 5, 2013
   Ernest Souhrada

Choosing a MySQL High Availability Solution


Join us for a webinar on MySQL High Availability (HA) in which we will help you determine which questions you should be asking when contemplating a MySQL HA solution for your business. We will define the term “MySQL High Availability” and discuss what types of MySQL HA solutions are currently available. We will then present a list of factors that should be considered when determining whether you need an HA solution and we will discuss which MySQL HA solution is the best fit for various scenarios.

MySQL High Availability solutions exist which rely on traditional MySQL replication. Other solutions replicate MySQL data in some other fashion at the database layer. And others replicate data completely outside the database layer. Each approach to MySQL HA has strengths and weaknesses and it's often just as easy to over-engineer an HA solution as it is to under-engineer it. This webinar will help you weigh the pros and cons of MySQL HA and focus on the right potential HA solutions for your organization.



Ernest Souhrada
Senior Architect
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