Building a robust and high performance MySQL application requires a combination of using the right techniques and avoiding the wrong ones. In this MySQL webinar you will learn the most common traps that lead to bad performance, complicated architectures, and waste of money when you are designing or running a MySQL application. You will then be able to scale and operate your database server. The following topics will be discussed: architecture, configuration, schema and indexes, queries, hardware, backup & recovery, instrumentation. Presented by Stéphane Combaudon at Percona Webinars - January 16, 2013.  


About Percona MySQL Webinars Percona offers free webinars about MySQL, InnoDB, XtraDB, XtraBackup, and more. Webinar topics include MySQL migration, MySQL backups, MySQL and InnoDB performance, database architecture, and InnoDB and MySQL server internals. Percona's free webinars are recorded so you can review them at any time free of charge.

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