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MySQL Performance Schema

June, 2014

MySQL Performance Schema is a tool for monitoring database execution with minimal impact on server performance. In the Percona eBook, "MySQL Performance Schema," the authors address MySQL 5.6 Performance Schema in multi-tenant environments; Performance Schema overhead; and Performance Schema tables stats.


Alexander Rubin

Alexander Rubin

Principal Consultant

Alexander joined Percona in 2013. Alexander worked with MySQL since 2000 as DBA and Application Developer. Before joining Percona he was doing MySQL consulting as a principal consultant for over 7 years (started with MySQL AB in 2006, then Sun Microsystems and then Oracle). He helped many customers design large, scalable and highly available MySQL systems and optimize MySQL performance. Alexander also helped customers design Big Data stores with Apache Hadoop and related technologies.

Vadim Tkachenko

Vadim Tkachenko


Vadim leads Percona's Development group which produces the Percona Server, Percona XtraDB, and Percona XtraBackup. He is an expert in LAMP performance, especially optimizing MySQL and InnoDB internals to take full advantage of modern hardware using his multi-threaded programming background. Source code patches authored by Vadim have been incorporated by Oracle Corporation and its predecessors into the mainstream MySQL and InnoDB products. At Percona, Vadim also designs no-gimmicks benchmark tests of hardware, filesystems, storage engines, and databases.

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