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MySQL Case Studies

Percona works with a broad range of MySQL community members who use Percona services and/or open source software. These Percona MySQL case studies discuss the situation facing these organizations, the criteria for the decisions that they made, the Percona software and/or services they chose, and describe some of the benefits these organizations experienced.

3E is an independent global consultancy and software company focused on increasing performance and optimizing energy consumption at renewable energy power plants. Four years ago, the company launched a new business unit to develop a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based solar PV monitoring solution for solar power installations. The service, SynaptiQ, collects huge amounts of customer data related to power plant performance, analyzes this data, and presents the results in the form of configurable... Read More
Headquartered in Texas, Munzee offers the “ultimate 21st century scavenger hunt,” a free-to-play game using QR codes and smartphones. Users place munzees (derived from “Münze,” the German word for “coin”) in physical locations around the world for other users to find. Users score points by finding and scanning existing munzees and by placing new ones. Munzee is currently played in 189 countries by over 190,000 players, and at least one physical munzee is deployed on every continent, including... Read More
PagerDuty helps businesses increase uptime with smart alerting and powerful on-call scheduling. With seamless integrations across monitoring tools such as Splunk, New Relic, Nagios, and Zenoss PagerDuty enables IT and DevOps profressionals to reduce response times by ensuring alerts get to the right person, faster. When PagerDuty ran into setup issues with MySQL Community Edition by Oracle®, it turned to Percona for a better solution.PagerDuty now hosts its primary database on Percona... Read More
Founded in 1963 and based in Franklin Park, IL., family-owned and operated Tukaiz provides products and services to advertising agencies and corporations. Tukaiz offers a wide array of imaging, print, and interactive services, including creative, prepress, and color correction; digital, large format and banner printing; website development and hosting; and much more. Tukaiz turned to Percona Consulting to build replicated database servers to support their customer order management and... Read More
Big Fish is the world’s largest producer of casual games. Through its proprietary, data-driven platform, millions of consumers easily discover more than 3000 PC and Mac games, and more than 300 mobile games created by Big Fish’s more than 140 exclusive development partners and Big Fish's own in-house studios. The company to date has distributed more than 2 billion games and is publisher to several top-grossing games on mobile.This case study discusses how Big Fish uses:Percona... Read More
Toronto-based VM Farms successfully combines 24x7 Operations as a Service with a robust cloud hosting platform that enables customers like Wave Accounting and TribeHR to focus solely on building great online products and services; instead of having to spend their time managing and caring for servers. Focused primarily on service, startups and established tech firms both look to VM Farms to provide a highly performant and secure environment for their applications, while VM Farms works tirelessly... Read More
Wellcentive, Inc. (Roswell, GA) offers healthcare intelligence solutions that empower healthcare organizations to improve clinical and financial outcomes. Wellcentive’s technology solutions facilitate connection, communication, continual quality improvement, and robust analysis and reporting. Percona Server, the enhanced drop-in replacement for MySQL, is an important component of Wellcentive’s strategy for scaling its Big Data analytics capabilities. However, like many organizations its size... Read More
Pricefalls, a start-up online marketplace and auction website, offers consumers excellent deals on retail products along with the ability to efficiently set budgets while shopping online. For businesses, Pricefalls offers a nationwide marketplace, social media marketing, e-commerce channel distribution and more. As a transaction website supporting more than 10 million products, Pricefalls requires a database that supports high transaction volumes. It must be stable and secure, and replicate... Read More
Estante Virtual has created a revolution in Brazil's second-hand book market. The site is a trading portal for thousands of independent traders and bookstores, with a searchable inventory that grows enough to fill two bookstores every day. But as the site grew, the traffic exceeded the capabilities of the MySQL database and the web servers. Percona converted the site to a higher performance architecture using technologies such as Sphinx and lighttpd, and performed full-stack system optimization... Read More
ideeli is a members-only online shopping club that offers time-limited "flash sales" on designer brands. As traffic increased, ideeli's MySQL database experienced serious performance problems at peak load. Simple queries ran for orders of magnitude longer than they should have. The solution was to upgrade to Percona Server with XtraDB. After upgrading, ideeli has enjoyed higher throughput and stable performance, even though the application has become busier and the traffic to the database has... Read More