February, 2014
   Nilnandan Joshi, Roel Van de Paar

This Percona eBook features MySQL server memory usage. The first chapter offers popular troubleshooting tips from Percona support engineer Nilnandan Joshi based on his many customer interactions. Chapters Two and Three, by Alexey Stroganov, focus on the impact of memory allocators on MySQL performance and the rest of the book looks at profiling MySQL memory usage with Valgrind Massif by Roel Van de Paar.

About the Authors

Nilnandan Joshi

Nilnandan joined Percona in May-2012 as a Support Engineer. He is working as a L1/L2 support engineeer, that includes: 24x7 allocation of emergency incident management and issues. Involved in investigation and resolution of support cases in MySQL/Percona servers and related products. Also responsible for writing technical posts, handling forum questions and bug verification. Before joining Percona, he has worked as a MySQL Database administrator with different types of service based companies managing high-traffic websites and web applications. Nilnandan has extensive experience in database design and development, database management, implementing DRM solutions, automating backups and high availability. Nilnandan is based at Ahmedabad (INDIA). In his spare time, he likes to listen Indian classical/semi-classical music, watching tv, playing cricket/badminton and hang out with his family.

Roel Van de Paar

Roel joined Percona in July, 2012. A seasoned professional, Roel has an extensive and varied background in IT, backed up by many industry leading certifications. Previously Roel was a Senior QA Engineer at Oracle, contributing significantly to the MySQL QA infrastructure. Prior to this he was a Senior Support Engineer at Oracle/Sun, supporting enterprise scale MySQL deployments across a variety of platforms. Roel's prior IT career also included being a Support/Systems Engineer at Siemens, and a Project Manager for Volvo IT, where he led several major projects. He currently works from his home office in NSW, Australia. Roel also enjoys time with God, his wife and 5 children, or in just being out and about.